10 More Strange But True Facts

1. Jon Stewart’s last name was originally Liebowitz. He changed it because Liebowitz “sounded too Hollywood.”

2. Drinking the blood of a gladiator was thought to cure epilepsy. I never could have survived in ancient Rome. I don’t even like to drink milk.

3. The Vikings engaged in rap battles, trading poetic insults until the crowd picked a winner. Someone should make a How to Train Your Dragon-8 Mile movie.

4. Turkeys can have heart attacks and entire fields of turkeys have been known to drop dead from the loud noise of nearby Air Force jets. No word on if that was how the first Thanksgiving came about.

5. Scientists have created something called spider goat, which is a genetically modified goat that produce large quantities of a spider silk, which is among the strongest substances known to man. It’s only a matter of time until Spider Goat vs. The Avengers will be coming to a theater near you.


6. Apparently spider silk is one of the strongest substances known to man. I am feeling pretty good about myself because, earlier today I walked outside and destroyed a bunch of the strongest substance known to man that was hanging in the corner of my front door.

7. A picture used to be worth a thousand words. But Twitter feels it is worth 23 characters.

8. There is a popular elevator company called Schindler Elevators. How did they not go with the name Schindler’s Lifts???

9. The kiwi was originally known as the Chinese gooseberry. Good choice. Chinese gooseberry Snapple just doesn’t sound as appealing.

10. In a 1958 survey, people were asked what trait they the most desired in a partner. Women ranked humor behind characteristics such as, “well groomed,” “ambitious,” & “makes sensible decisions about money.” Women ranked humor #1 in a similar study in 2007. If this was 1958, I would probably have a girlfriend.





Photo credit: Reddit