10 More Strange But True Facts

1. In 2009, a man named James May in Surrey, Great Britain, built a full-sise house entirely of LEGOs. He used 3.3 million bricks and the house contained a working toilet and shower and a bed…all made out of LEGOs. I can only imagine how many LEGOs he stepped on during the building’s construction.

2. Throughout history, the exclamation point has had many other names. It has been called a dembanger, slammer, and gasper. In language and in law, many sentences end in a slammer.

3. Japanese Burger Kings created a Whopper cologne. I don’t think this was necessary. Any guy who wants to smell like a hamburger, probably already smells like a hamburger.

4. In March, a fire extinguisher factory burned down in Chicago. Insert your own joke here _____.

5. South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development is running an ad campaign saying that living in South Dakota is better than living on Mars. Have they not seen Mars Attacks? I am not sure I would pick a fight with that planet.

6. During the Cold War, KGB operatives used a “lipstick pistol,” which was 4.5 mm, single shot weapon hidden inside of a lipstick holder.  The result was called “the kiss of death.” How has this not been used in a Mission Impossible movie??

7. Earlier this month, a Jordanian doctor left a cell phone in a woman’s abdomen after performing a C-section. I’m not too concerned that he forgot it, we’ve all left our cell phone somewhere. But why was it in there in the first place?

8. You can determine the age of a humpbacked whale by looking at his earwax. Nah I think I’ll just take his word for it.

9. The average person makes the same New Year’s resolution 10 separate times without success. Like the saying goes…”the 11th time is a char…aww just forget it.”

10. I am sad to say that James May’s LEGO house has been destroyed. Apparently he built it on land he didn’t actually own. Didn’t he learn anything from playing with LEGOs on his older brother’s side of the room as a kid?




Photo credit: Wikipedia