Wonder Why Wednesday: Why Turkey On Thanksgiving?

What I am about to say might upset some people…

I am not a huge fan of turkey, even on Thanksgiving. I’ve never quite understood why, when on a day to celebrate everything we have to be thankful, we settle for eating the 95th most popular food (according to this list).

Turkey ranks behind pickled watermelon rind and geoduck (whatever the heck that is).

On a day where we could have any meal we want, why do we choose turkey? There has got to be an explanation for that. Let’s investigate in today’s edition of Wonder Why Wednesday.

Why Do We Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving?

I also assumed that the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock ate turkey and we have been following in their footsteps ever since. The following video explains that isn’t necessarily the case.

So there we have it…we started eating turkey because it was large and unique. You know what else is large and unique? Wendy’s Baconator. Why don’t we eat that on Thanksgiving?



Photo credit: Pixabay