10 More Strange But True Facts

1. Today (August 27th) is National Just Because Day. I am still looking for when National I Know You Are But What Am I Day is.

2. Over 200 feral cats live in Disneyland. I guess they heard a giant mouse lives there.

3. In Japan, letting a sumo wrestler make your baby cry is considered good luck. Wait, what?

4. The skin on your elbow is called a wenis. Apparently at some point in time 6th graders were in charge of naming body parts.

5. When Fredric Baur, the inventor of the Pringles can, died, his ashes were buried in one of his cans. The last time I heard of something like that was with the inventor of the coffin.

6. Apples in grocery stores are typically 14 months removed from being on the tree. I guess the term “fresh apples” is used loosely.

7. President John Quincy Adams is known to have frequently skinny-dipped in the Potomac River. Good thing Twitter wasn’t around back then.

8. There are roughly 18 minutes of total action in a baseball game. The other 3 hours are comprised of spitting, stretching, t-shirt throwing, piano playing and more spitting.

9. In Germany there are fake bus stops outside of nursing homes to prevent confused senior citizens from wondering off. Clever, but it seems like just taking care of all the people in the nursing home would be a better idea.

10. Hippo milk is pink. This just in…hippos produce milk.



Photo credit: Wikipedia