This is How Batman Looked in 1988

The year in 2014, and we there is no shortage of Batman media at our disposal. We are only a few years removed from the greatest Batman trilogy there will ever be:


Our Batman video games look shockingly realistic:


And we are even getting a TV series about the city he grew up in:

Yes, Batman is crushing popular culture as he turns 75, but it wasn’t always that way. YouTube user Matthew Pearce often records videos about various digital video editing techniques, but he took a break to¬†celebrate the Dark Knight’s milestone birthday by uploading this video of a Batman game that came out on the Apple II:

Wow, we’ve come a long way. While we wait for the next Batman blockbuster, let’s remember that there was once a time when all we had to get our Caped Crusader fill was comic books, the¬†above game and this: