Change is Scary, But It Is Nothing Compared To This

I am a self-proclaimed changeaphobe (I might have also just made that word up). Although I like learning new things, I am a person who is very set in my ways.

Change is not something I handle with ease and it used to be the thing I feared the most.

I say used to, because I recently learned that there are things in this world called colossal squid.

That’s right, not giant squid, but COLOSSAL squid. Any time the term colossal is used, you know the thing means business. Example: Red Robin’s Colossal Burger.

Just so you get an idea of just how frightening a colossal squid is, let’s look at a tale of the tape for these bad boys:

  • They are estimated to be 39-46 feet long.
  • They have been found to weigh over 1,000 lbs.
  • Their arms and tentacles have suckers lined with small teeth.
  • If the teeth weren’t enough, their limbs are also equipped with sharp hooks.
  • Some of those hooks swivel and others are three-pointed.
  • It has the largest eyes documented in the animal kingdom.
  • It has built in WiFi.

Okay, maybe I made up that last one, but all the others are correct. Basically this creature is a five story long, toothy-tentacled, sharp hook swiveling, 1,000 pound trident sporting monster with a death stare.

Next time you are confronted with change, be glad it’s not a colossal squid.


P.S. I just Googled changeaphobe and it showed results for “change phone.” Turns out, the fear of change is called Metathesiophobia. But that sounds like something from a late night infomercial, so I think I’ll stick with changeaphobe.



Photo credit: Wikipedia