Story 1 vs 2

Story 1 vs Story 2: Resources

Story #1

Anabel works in a cramped cubicle – but she has brightened it up by featuring many pictures of her family. Her job is about as exciting as the 5-day-old plain bagel that no one will throw away in the break room – but you would think she works at the circus based on all the entertaining stories she shares with her friends. Everyday is the same thing – she stares at her computer and orders parts so her factory can make another air conditioning unit. Her computer still has a floppy disc drive, her stapler is always jammed and, ironically, the office air conditioner never works. To most people this would be dreadful, but the lack of resources doesn’t stop Anabel from enjoying her job and performing at a high level, all while sneaking in a game of solitaire or two (she has learned to play the hands she’s dealt, literally). Every supplier that Anabel works with looks forward to her calls and would hire her in a second.

Story #2

Bethany sits just one cubicle over from Anabel. She too has a tiny cubicle – too tiny for pictures, in Bethany’s opinion. She is also a buyer for air conditioner parts – although her friends wonder if she even still works there due to her reluctance to talk about her job. Sit with Bethany for 2 minutes and you’ll hear a laundry list of reasons why she is not able to do her job – the computer is too slow, the building is too hot, and the break room is always dirty. All her suppliers dread her calls and they are tired of hearing that the slow computer is the reason she doesn’t answer emails on a timely basis.

Story #1 vs. Story #2

If you work at Facebook, your office might have the latest and greatest technology. It is clear that Anabel and Bethany do not work at Facebook.

However, one is able to see past the lack of resources, and make the most of the situation – while at the same time performing above and beyond expectations. The other uses the uncomfortable work environment as a crutch and an excuse.

Anabel sees her job as something that can be improved. Bethany sees something that is hopeless.

Anabel’s glass is may only be half full, but she has added so many personal knickknacks and decorations to the glass that you’d never even know. Bethany won’t even describe her glass, especailly if you are talking about the glasses in the breakroom, those things are filthy, as she is so quick to point out.

Same office, same tiny cubicle, same slow internet.

But ones attitude makes up for the lack of resources while the others makes it seem that much worse.



*Both Anabel & Bethany are fictional characters