What To Do When It’s Your Turn

For some reason, I am a sucker for the word challenge. I don’t know if it is a competitive spirit or growing up with one too many double-dares, but I see the word challenge and I am hooked.

I’ve joined everything from exercise challenges to competitive eating challenges. One time, I even convinced myself to do a 14-day wheatgrass challenge where I would drink a shot of wheatgrass every day for two weeks (about 6 days in, I stopped because I began to feel nauseous and my left ear felt like it constantly had water in it).

So you can imagine my response to learning about Winnie Kao’s 7-day blogging challenge.

Kao, the Special Projects Lead for Seth Godin, is calling it the Your Turn Challenge based on Godin’s new book. Here’s a link to the details, but basically it breaks down to writing one blog post a day for seven straight days. It starts tomorrow.

Kao’s goal is to create a movement to help others get unstuck by creating energy that encourages everyone to ship regularly.

I’m in! Challenge accepted.

I will be writing my posts here at Attention.Land as well as on the challenge’s Tumblr. I encourage anyone who wants to get unstuck and test their writing to check it out and join in.




Photo credit: Wikipedia