Wonder Why Wednesday: Why Do Boomerangs Come Back?

You may have noticed by now that some of my Wonder Why Wednesday’s are simply text, while others include a YouTube video explaining the answer to my question. There are two rationals behind that.

First, most of the posts I make on this site are text based, so I like to spice things up from time to time and throw in a fun video. Second, some answers to my Wonder Why Wednesday questions are so complex that my simple brain can’t come up with a way to explain them correctly without plagiarizing another person’s explanation.

Today’s answer definitely falls into that second category. It contains a lot more physics than I am capable of explaining. But wait a minute before you close out of this page. The video is really cool and does a great job of explaining the physics in a simple and fun way (plus the host has an awesome accent).

Wonder Why Wednesday: Why Do Boomerangs Come Back?

Have you ever thrown a boomerang and had it come back to you? If so, have you ever wondered how that happens? Here is a breakdown of how this all works…




Photo credit: Wikipedia