Who Do You Write Like?

Have you ever felt that your writing was similar to Shakespeare? Maybe you think your blog sounds just like something Ernest Hemingway would have created if only he have had the internet.

Now is your chance to find out.

I stumbled across a fun, and appropriately-named website, that analyzes your writing style and compares it with a famous writer. All you have to do is paste in your text and within seconds, you are mentioned in the same breath as one of the greats.

Curious, I visited the I Write Like site and pasted the entire script from my children’s book, Maury C. Moose and The Forest Noel. I held my breath and quietly prayed for Dr. Seuss or JK Rowling to appear after the analysis took place.

My results came back as most resembling David Foster Wallace, who Wikipedia describes as having a writing style concerned with moving beyond the irony and metafiction associated with postmodernism. One review described his work as an “unusual mixture of the cerebral and the hot-blooded”

Not sure that completely describes my book about a moose who saves Christmas, but who am I to argue with the internet?

Just for fun I also pasted the lyrics to the song Who Let The Dogs Out by the Baha Men into the I Write Like analyzer. The song most closely resembled work by Vladimir Nabokov, a Russian-American novelist from the early 1900s. I wonder if the Baha Men are big in Russia.



Photo credit: Wikipedia