5 Ways To Come Up With Content

Recently someone asked me how I come up with something to write about 5 days each week. I wish the answer was something like, “I am just brilliant and have ideas overflowing from my brain,” but that is simply not true. Just like everyone else, I often struggle to create content on a consistent basis.

Writing daily is not easy but it can be done. I don’t have a magic formula or a surefire solution to prevent writer’s block, but I have come up with a few things that can help. Here are some tips I have learned that help me come up with multiple stories, articles and posts a week.

5 Ways To Come Up With Content

1. Scratch Your Own Itch

This basically means that if you have a problem, solve it yourself. The term that was first introduced to me by the folks at 37Signals. They were in need of new software for a client. When they couldn’t find anything that already existed that solved their problem they decided to create the software themselves.

Writing can be used the same way. I write about things I question, fear or need to learn as a way of solving problems I encounter. Whether it is answering self-generated questions on Wonder Why Wednesday, or commenting on Disney movies, many of my posts are just me scratching my own itch.

2. Did It Catch Your Attention?

If you find something interesting, there is a pretty good chance that others will find it interesting too. That is much of what we do here at Attention Land. Sometimes we create the content from scratch and other times we highlight it from another source. We come across something that catches our attention and we pass it along to land your attention.

Not everything you write has to be a brand new, innovative idea. Even if you didn’t create the material, there is nothing wrong with passing it along to your readers. Just don’t try to take credit for it.

3. Be Fun, Informative & Helpful

What is the reason you write? Is it to make people laugh? Make people think? Make people’s lives easier? Any of these are great reasons. And they can all help you create content.

Share stories that are silly. Incorporate ideas that are informative. Hand out hints that are helpful. We can all use a little more fun, info & help in our lives.

4. Shine The Spotlight On Someone Else

Make your readers aware of the great work others are doing. Talk about the awesome book you read, or the organizations you heard about that is doing remarkable things.

Not everything you write has to bring the focus on you. A great way to find content is to shine the spotlight on someone else.

5. Just Write!

This last one might be the most straightforward but it is also the most important. In order to create content you must sit down and write! It is hard to come up with consistent content, but it is impossible unless you try, and try, and try.

Not everything you write will be a homerun. Sometimes you will knock it out of the park and other times you will strike out. To stick with the baseball analogy, the only way to get a hit is to step up to the plate and swing the bat.