Example Of Great Writing

The other day I was looking at an article on Delish.com. I had scrolled down to the bottom of the page when an ad showed up on the screen.

You know the type of ad. The kind that pops up right when you are about to finish the article. The kind that immobilizes your webpage and doesn’t allow you to get back to your intended reading until you either sign up for whatever they are pushing, or you find the tiny X that always seems to blend in more than Waldo in a sea of red, white and blue.

Having dealt with this type of ad in the past, my eyes immediately morphed into ninja mode – trained to find an escape route or fight my way out.

I located the exit, but before I could click, I was stopped in my tracks. Take a look at what I saw…

(Click on the image to make it bigger)


Rather than say something generic like, “click here to go back to the page,” Delish.com did something much better. They said,

No thanks, I’m not interested in healthy food”

Wait a second…I’m interested in healthy food. Maybe this ad deserves a second look. Plus they were being polite.

I didn’t end up signing for their email list, but they did get my attention. I had second thoughts about being so quick to close out of this ad.

That is the power of good writing.

Well done Delish.com




Photo credit: Wikipedia