Amazing Facts About Our Eyes

I frequently sleepwalk and whenever I do, I usually wake up with a load of questions. The questions range from “what am I doing in the hallway?” to “why did I feel the need to sleep-change clothes at 2AM?”

There is also one other question that always comes to mind…How am I able to walk around in my sleep and avoid being injured?

Think about it…like many people, I occasionally stub my toe or bump into a wall when walking in pure daylight, but somehow I go unscathed while wandering around in a pitch black room while I am asleep.

How is that even possible? How can my sleepy eyes make their way through my dark room?

That is what I am wondering in today’s Wonder Why Wednesday.

How Can Our Eyes See In The Dark?

Whenever I wake up while sleepwalking I am thankful that my eyes adjust and I can see through the darkness to make it back to bed. Human eyes are pretty amazing to be able to work like this.

Because human vision is amazing, it is also a little complex. My research into how our eyes can see in the dark led to some very scientific explanations.

Luckily, I found this very cool video that takes this complex topic and explains it in simple terms that even I can understand.

In addition to discussing how we see in the dark, the video also covers:

  • Why animals appear to have glowing eyes in pictures
  • One reason pirates may have worn eyepatches
  • What is known as the prisoner’s cinema
  • And how powerful our minds can be