Belly Button

Wonder Why Wednesday: Where Does Belly Button Lint Come From?

Just to give you some insight into my exciting life, here’s a real conversation that took place at my house recently…

My brother: Here’s a question for you. Why does lint always show up in your belly button?

Me: Good question.

My brother: And why is it always gray?

Me: That’s another good question.

My brother: You should add that to your Wonder Why Wednesdays, or whatever it is called.

Me: I’ll look into it.

My brother: Cool. Want some? (showing me the lint he picked out of his belly button)

Me: No thanks.

Despite his gross offer, I decided to take him up on his suggestion to look into where belly button lint comes from. I didn’t expect to learn anything, but when I Googled the phrase “Where Does Belly Button Lint Come From?” a ton or results showed up.

I guess my brother and I weren’t the first to have this conversation.

Wonder Why Wednesday (or whatever it is called): Where Does Belly Button Lint Come From?

Turns out that not only are other people asking this question, but so are entire continents. Australia’s ABC ran a nationwide survey to find out about Australia’s belly button lint. Among the things they hoped to discover were the following:

  • What is belly button lint?
  • Do guys get it more than women?
  • Do you get more as you get older?
  • Does hair play a factor?
  • Who holds the record for largest collection of belly button lint?

This video has the answers…