Seth Godin, Crowdfunding & A Marketing Effort That Grew Profit By 900%

Yesterday, author Seth Godin wrote a tremendous piece about the search for meaningful content. Among the things that Godin discussed was the importance of having subscribers. He explains that a subscriber doesn’t have to pay with money, they pay with attention. These folks are you most loyal fans.

Godin nailed this, and to demonstrate his point let’s look at a real life example.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is running an Indiegogo campaign to help raising money to support a camp for kids fighting cancer. They need help sending more than 120 kids to camp FREE OF CHARGE!

The hospital launched the Indiegogo campaign on June 11th. For the first 5 days, they had raised $616. Good but not an overwhelming amount.

Yesterday, on the 6th day of the campaign, the hospital sent an email out to their subscribers letting everyone know of the crowdfunding efforts. In less than 24 hours of the email being launched, their Indiegogo total grew to over $5,500!

I don’t know all of the ways that Phoenix Children’s Hospital promoted their Indiegogo campaign during the first 5 days. I saw posts to their foundation’s Twitter and Facebook account and I am guessing they did other marketing as well. Whatever they did, we know that it added up to $616.

In just one email, they increased revenue by 500%. That is a powerful email.

Again, I don’t know all of their marketing efforts, I have no clue how big their email list is, but I doubt it is a coincidence that their total just happen to explode on the same day they sent out the email.

I think Godin is on to something when he says, “one subscriber is worth 1,000 surfers.”

I recommend you check out Godin’s entire post which can be found here. And I also recommend you check out Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Indigogo campaign here, and learn more about how you can send some amazing kids to camp for free!



Photo credit: Pixabay