The Top 6 Spacesuits in Real and Fictional History

Recently, NASA decided to hold a vote to decide the design of their prototype Z-2 spacesuit. The winner was this Tron-looking suit you see above. While it looks a bit ridiculous, it does represent a major jump forward in spacesuit technology. When the Z series was introduced in 2012, it represented the first major overhaul of the space walking suit in almost 30 years.

While astronauts of the future may be jet-setting around space in these numbers, I decided to rank my top 6 spacesuits – both fictional and real.


2001 – A Space Odyssey

2001 space odd

The most iconic science fiction film has to be represented here. Still, this suit looks difficult to wear. Who wants to wear a front pack? Seriously? I did happen to run across someone who wants to restore these suits – for pleasure, not for space travel.




These suits are hot! Not only do they look easy to wear, they also show off your curves. I wouldn’t mind space walking with these sleek pieces on. Let’s be honest, these are basically windbreakers.


Star Trek


If you had to combine a hazmat suit with a spacesuit, you’d land on the original Star Trek’s representation of a spacesuit. Nothing about these suits look fun, but everything about them looks amazing.




I may be cheating here, since the Master Chief’s suit is more of a combat suit, but it allows him to survive in the vacuum of space. This spacesuit helps to make him virtually indestructible and doesn’t restrict his movement, it’s probably the most practical of all these suits.


Buzz Lightyear


Welcome to America, where our most iconic spacesuit comes from an animated movie. This suit basically lets Buzz be his own spaceship, that’s functionality that no other suit listed before can claim.


Apollo A7L 

moon landing

The original. The classic. Decades from now, centuries from now, this suit will look laughably primitive. It will always be associated with maybe the most iconic moment in the history of space travel, that makes it number one on my list (until we meet aliens).

  • Adam

    No love for Pluto Nash???

    • Aaron Thuringer

      I’m sure I left out dozens of fictional spacesuits … that’s what the comments are for!