trick or treat

Wonder Why Wednesday: Trick or Treat

For 364 days of the year, adults tell kids to dress normal, avoid strangers and eat healthy.

Imagine a 10 year old girl approaching her mom on June 3rd and saying, “mom, I want to dress up like Miley Cyrus, go outside at 8pm and wander around the neighborhood asking people for tootsie roll pops.”

I’m pretty sure her mom would but the back of her hand to her daughter’s forehead to check for a temperature before telling her to stop listening to Miley Cyrus, brush her teeth, finish her homework and go straight to bed.

But on October 31st, all that goes out the window.

This Friday, kids everywhere will scour their neighborhood looking for sweets, hoping to hit the jackpot by finding that one house that offers up king size candy bars.

And adults everywhere will be passing out candy, or if you are like me and will not be home, you leave a bag of candy at the foot of the door and then the first group of kids takes the entire thing.

Did you ever wonder where this odd tradition came from? I did. Here is a video with the answers.


Video credit: History

Photo credit: Wikipedia