Basketball, Basketball & More Basketball

I know we are all busy ripping up our NCAA tournament brackets today, so I will keep this short…


Today should be a national holiday. 16 great college basketball games spread out across the entire day. Who is getting work done when we all have basketball on our minds?

In case you just can’t get enough college basketball, I’ve complied a list some college basketball-related posts we’ve made in the last year here at Attention.Land.

What Michael Jordan & Patrick Ewing Can Teach Us About Rejection

In the 1982 NCAA men’s basketball championship game, Georgetown center Patrick Ewing was given a very strict instruction. What was it and what can we learn from how North Carolina responded? Find out here.

Top 10 Principles From Jay Bilas’ Toughness

What exactly is toughness? Is it something that can be learned or are we born with it? Jay Bilas explains all that and more in his book appropriately named book.  Here are some great principles from that awesome book.

My Reward for Trusting My Instincts

Last year Aaron picked one of the biggest upsets in the entire NCAA Tournament. Here’s how he did it.

Little Things Matter

In last year’s NCAA Tournament Cincinnati took on Harvard in a second round match-up. A little mistake made by the heavily favored Bearcats might just have cost them the game. This is what they did wrong.

Should We Treat Our Work Like It Belongs To Someone Else?

A few years ago, I worked for a sports marketing company that produced college basketball games. One year I messed up big time! Can you notice my mistake?

Size Matters, But This Matters More

Dayton has been the smallest team on the court all year long. Rather than talk about being shorthanded, Archie Miller chose to focus on this.

The Power of Organization

When we are organized and have a common goal in mind, we can do some really cool things. Check out what Maryland was able to do.




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